Studio Khapka

Studio Khapka

Postproduction Studio in the center of Prague

The Khapka Postproduction Studio was founded in 2007. It is a shared space that brings together filmmakers who have been collaborating on a long-term basis, in order to enable them to offer comprehensive services in the field of film post-production.  Two companies – FREESAM and Neverlost – work together on two floors, offering a fully equipped post-production studio featuring editing, colour correction, and sound studios.

Service: Khapka Studio offers comprehensive film production and post-production, including DCP file production. It offers rental of editing and grading workstations, a listening and sound studio, and a speaker room.

Equipment: The studio is equipped with an SW Avid Media Composer and an Adobe Creative Suite for editing, and DaVinci Resolve Studio, including HW Controls, for video grading. The sound studio features 7.1 listening.  Data is managed on 120TB of storage with 10Gbps connectivity. Film production is handled primarily by Arri and Z-CAM film equipment, Fujinon, Canon and Sony lenses, Nautilus underwater housings, and Arri lighting.  Sound equipment is from Sound Devices and Sennheiser.

The Khapka Studio is mainly used for work on its own film projects, but free capacities of the unique space in the historical centre of Prague and in the neighbourhood of the National Theatre and the Film and Television Faculty are offered for rent or co-production cooperation.


Saša Sousa Dlouhý, Sofia Sousa Dlouhý


Jakub Voves