Konektiv Night

Konektiv Night

musical experiment

A musical documentary presenting the cooperation of musicians from the Czech Republic with those who came to the country from abroad. The film follows an almost annual artistic search for a musical form based on the dramaturgical intention that each performance is an original connection between one Czech and one foreign subject.

Length: 27 min, Year: 2019


  • direction Saša Dlouhý
  • cinematographer Saša Dlouhý, Ahmed Al-Sabaiei
  • editing Jakub Voves
  • sound mix Vašek Flegl
  • colour correrction Jan Ali Moravec
  • production freeSaM
  • cast Pavel Kraus, Zuzana Janková, Ondřej Cakl, Karaoke Tundra, Cimbálová muzika Kyčera, Enchanted Lands, Marwan Alsolaiman, David Koller, Papis Nyass, Monika Rebcová
Konektiv Night