Face to face with the threat posed to our Czech valley, we cannot remain languid. Waves of immigrants are reaching our borders.

Let us not forfeit what it took thousands of years to gain. Let us not extend a helping hand solely because it is right to do so. Let us not help others simply because others once helped us. Go home!

This country is ours, not yours.


This country isn't yours

A documentary film by Saša Dlouhý

Play again About the movie
Created by studio iliil for the freeSaM production company.

Concept, design, programming: Michal Mariášek
Illustrations and visual design: Vendula Chalánková
Graphic processing: Martina Oravcová
Intro text: Alena Mariášková
Music and sound: Ježíš táhne na Berlín (Ondřej Skala)