Artist & Residence

Artist & Residence

A residence for selected artists on Pico Island – the Azores

we provide residency studio for the artist at Pico Island

This international residency programme organised under the banner of the production company FREESAM is a unique opportunity with a limited capacity, for artistic work in an inspiring environment in the middle of the Atlantic. It draws on the founders’ many years of experience of working in the field of culture and the arts. Its main goal is to draw attention to the unique, dramatic, and well-preserved nature of the Azores and make it possible for artists across genres to draw inspiration for their work from the specific atmosphere of Pico Island.

The programme is designed for visual artists and musicians who are at least three years out from a school of arts and who have done at least two solo exhibitions or presentations. The residency consists of a one-month stay at Pico Island, during which a unique work of art will be created that reflects Czech-Portuguese relations, the Azores, and their importance in the international context, or whose contents supports protection of the environment of the Azores. The resident will leave the resulting work to freeSaM, which will then use it to present the Programme in the public space at the project venue.

Conditions of residency

The residency programme is located in the Terra do Pão village in the south of Pico Island in the Azores. Simple accommodation is provided in a renovated historical mill on a large private property on the shore of the Atlantic and at the foot of the Pico Volcano. An outdoor kitchen and bathrooms are available for residents. For work, there is a separate studio with running water. The property is located in a strictly protected nature reserve.

Given the type of accommodation and the challenging and frequently changing conditions, the Programme is not intended for artists who require a greater level of comfort and extensive production facilities. Improvisation and the ability to adapt are necessary prerequisites for successful completion of a stay.

The residency programme includes:

  • Simple accommodation in a renovated historic mill.
  • Round-trip airfare to and from the Azores.
  • A monthly allowance of EUR 1,000 per person or EUR 1,500 for an artistic couple.
  • A production budget of EUR 200.
  • Basic tools and equipment on site.
  • One paid whale and dolphin-watching trip.
  • A guided hike up the volcano.
  • A visit to local UNESCO-protected vineyards.

(Flight times to the Azores may change without notice, due to weather conditions or other objective facts. Furthermore, weather during your stay may not permit the organisation of whale-watching trips or hikes up the volcano.)

History of the residency venue

The properties, now constituting one unit, have been purchased one after another since 2017. The originally impenetrable jungle with two rock bulwarks indicating where original mills were located, were revitalised over the course of five years, with the possibility of further development, while putting an emphasis on environmental protection, above all on bird protection. Both mills have been renovated – Manuel Domingos and Choca. Manuel Domingos served its original purpose until the 1960s.
Mills started to appear in the Azores in the early 20th century, in order to alleviate manual labour in flour production. Most flour was made of maize which, was carried in bags up the stairs to the milling mechanism. The mills had to be able to adapt to the changing direction of wind in the islands and were consequently built with a mechanism that made it possible to rotate the entire mill in a semicircle of 180°.
The renovated mills at Terra do Pão are a cultural monument.

The Azores

The Portuguese overseas territory was settled by the Portuguese in 1453. The archipelago is comprised of nine inhabited islands. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, the windy subtropical climate does not suffer from great temperature fluctuations. In summer, the temperatures range around 25°C and in winter around 17°C. There are several nature reserves and UNESCO cultural heritage sites on the Azores.

 Pico Island

The island – the home of Portugal’s highest mountain – is 40 km long and 15 km wide. World-famous vineyards, an abundance of local produce, from fruit to beef, and a clean ocean with a rich underwater life make it the perfect place to escape reality.


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